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The Cohrons are a mother/daughter trio. They started singing together over 20 years ago when the daughters were very young. Rev. J. George Cohron who has spent many years of his ministry evangelizing, appreciated the talent of his wife and two daughters assisting his efforts when he ministered at Conferences, Seminars and Revivals. Eventually, his ministry became a pastoral ministry and during that time The Cohron's were very important part of the music ministries of those churches.

Pat Cohron is the mom of the group. She has a very strong distinctive voice that blends well with her daughters. Pat is the daughter of a pastor/minister, the late C. E. Forbush. Her family roots go back to the hills of West Virginia. Her family was very talented. All the siblings played an instrument or sang and were often featured live on the radio. When her father's ministry moved them to the Pensacola, Fl area, she met and married George Cohron. They later were blessed with two beautiful girls Beverly and Shawn.

Beverly Cohron McManus is the oldest daughter. She works for Zion Music Group as the Artist Relations Director. She has just recently attained her Masters in Psychology and has started a Christian Counseling Service in the community. Having suffered great loss through a divorce several years ago she has a true calling to uplift, encourage and inspire those who are depressed and feeling defeated. She uses her gifts for relating to people through the Singles Ministry of the church she attends in Nashville. December 11, 1999, Beverly married Kevin McManus, the President of Zion Music Group. They enjoy working together and their local church is a very important part of their lives.

Shawn Cohron Pope is the youngest daughter. She also works for Zion Music Group as the Director of Marketing and Promotions. She has been happily married to Barry Pope for eleven years. She is very involved in the Promotions and Music department of the church she attends. She and Barry are also responsible for giving all in the family the most treasured of gifts. Their two beautiful children. Megan who is 8 years old already sings in dramas and plays in their church and occasionally with the Cohrons. She is energetic, mischievous (much like her mother!), playful and talented. She loves God and is already a beautiful example to others. Myles is just over 2 years old and is pretty laid back about life (much like his dad!). They bring so much joy to any one who knows them.

Together, the Cohrons bring a lot of variety to the stage. From contemporary to down home Southern Gospel. This versatility allows them to relate to many different audiences. They are thankful for the love that they share for one another and for the opportunity to share God's love with you! Truly their example of passing the torch to the next generation gives us the opportunity to enjoy their Legacy of Love!


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